Friday, November 9, 2012

2012 Nov 9

A wonderful day, 31 degrees to start and a balmy 39 by the time I got on the water.  A few big salmon doing business in the pool and some smaller fish getting pushed around.  A perfect morning to swing a dry.  Put on a big, bushy I2 Searcher and went to work.  No love in the honey water at the top.  Kept working through the gut but just could not stop looking to the glassy tail.  Slowly the swing started to speed up and the water shallowed.  Then there was a small bulge near the fly and nothing.  Took a few long pulls on my Padilla torpedo and then made another offering.  The fly fought its way across and nothing.  One more time and this time a nice head and tail rise and the fly disappeared.  Fish on!  5 minutes later 26" of chrome bright steel in hand.  I swear you could see right through the tail on this one.  He was carefully put back in the pool.
AWESOME!  I love fishing on top

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jack Spratley

I started fishing the original Spratley on the Thompson many many years ago. Jerry Wintle always said mine were bushy but I could not believe how sparse the flies were. Tied in size 2 or 3 they took huge fish on the T. Over the years I also used it as a change up fly for boiled fish that would not eat. One day I tied some with the Pheasant Tail body and boy did they work. Over the years this became a primary fly again as well as a follow up. Tie them in size 2-12. Link to SBS below

View Online Inst

I2 Skater - Searching

Having fished skaters for Steelhead for over 20 years and taking the method to a primary status here is the newest evolution.  The Pinky has accounted for thousands of Steelhead over the years but for searching I want a BIG profile.  Tossing a big Pinky takes an 8 weight or better.  Having fished Jambos in Ireland I saw a way to get a big profile with less materials.  Changing to all synthetics in the fly eliminates all the water weight.  I can throw a 3" Searcher on my 3 weight Spey, all done.

Here is a link to the I2 Skater - Searching.

This updated version uses new Black Farrar Blend.  I love the Farrar blend in my synthetic flies

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Passion Called Salmon

Here is a new DVD that looks fantastic..Fishing on several of the worlds most beautiful salmon rivers

Proceeds go to the continuing protection of wild Atlantic Salmon

You can buy a copy and

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Colonels Lady

Designed by Ron Alcott this is a lovely variation of the Lady Amherst pattern.  With the sexy claret silk and gold tinsel it is a real gem. At the fly expo in Albany last weekend I decided to tie up a few. The one below is tied on a 4/0 Rational hook.
There is no doubt in my mind that this will fish well for steelhead.  I will bang out 3 more on some size 6 hooks for fishing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodnight Puget Sound Steelhead

2012 Feb 15

Had a great day on the water.  Water was 41 degrees, partly sunny, calm, a great day to fish.  Started with a light green tube at the top of a long run and had a nice pull part way down but no fish.  Poked around a while but it would not return.  Moved down to a really nice hole and put on a Huge black Spey style fly.  Swam it through the lies over and over but nobody home.  Switch flows and put on a nice Pinky and started some serious dry fly fishing for the PM.  Nothing in the first two runs.  As light was fading had a huge grab on top in a boulder field in some hard water and the fight was on.  The ACR1193 was taxed to the limit but did the job and 12# of chrome bright hen was brought to hand.  A great day.  Sorry the season has to end.  It breaks my heart to think that this may be the last day of Winter Steelhead fishing in Puget Sound rivers forever more.  I will hope for the best
Goodnight Skagit, goodnight Stilly, goodnight Puget Sound Steelhead

Friday, January 27, 2012

Love those tubes!

Here are a couple of tube flys I have been using a lot.  On the left is a Peter Tosh tied on a TTS Brass tube.  Weight .8g so really good on a dry line or light sinker to get more depth.  On the right is a Flamethrower Cascade.  I fish a lot of shrimp style cascades these days on a polyleader or light sinking line.  I swing them around with some speed in an effort to surprise the steelhead and provoke a response.  It works!